Nominate a Queens Business

Now is your chance to voice your opinion on your local businesses, services and people throughout Queens. It is very quick and easy to nominate and be a part of the Best of the Boro competition. Nominations are open January 30 through April 7. Nominations are strictly taken on this website through the forms below. You can nominate in one or multiple categories, as long as they are applicable (Management ultimately determines eligibility.) The top 10 nominees will advance to the official ballot, and voting begins on April 24.

To nominate, simply select a section below and enter the information of the person or business you wish to nominate. The name, address, phone number, email and web address are required for each nominee. Entering accurate information is important and once you click “submit” the nomination is confirmed. You will be redirected to the main nomination page where you can continue to make additional nominations.

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