Like most foreign cuisines served here in Queens and throughout the rest of the country, an American twist has been added to them. But they still contain influences from their native roots, and Chinese food is no different. Chinese restaurants are all over Queens, serving dumplings, rice, chicken, pork and more. If your tastebuds are yearning for a trip to China, then look no further than satisfying them with a meal from the Best Chinese Restaurant in Queens.

2021: Queens Voted Xi’an Famous Foods Best Chinese Restaurant!

Xi’an Famous Foods
41-10 Main St, Flushing
(212) 786-2068 –

If you’re looking for the best Chinese food that you can get in the World’s Borough, you need to place your order at Xi’an Famous Foods. Located on Main Street in Flushing, the delicious menu at Xi’an Famous Foods ensures that everyone you’re feeding will have something to enjoy. The delicious Chinese fare is perfect for a night in with a good movie. Want to try your hand at making Chinese food at home? Xi’an Famous Foods sells meal kits of three of their popular noodle dishes through Goldbelly that you can make from the comfort of your kitchen and will wow even the pickiest of eaters.

2020: Queens Voted Little Dumpling Best Chinese Restaurant!

Little Dumpling
252-20 Northern Blvd, Little Neck
(718) 225-1178 –

Little Dumpling makes the best dumplings you’ll find in Queens! The portions at Little Dumpling are large, the food is well seasoned and the meals are affordable. The Little Dumpling restaurant has roots in 19th Century China when a travelling cook began serving traditional Chinese meals out of a popular garden. The Little Dumpling specialty is a dumpling soup, which features delicate wrappers and flavorful broth and meats. Little Dumpling is an outstanding establishment and they serve what are easily the best dumplings in Queens.

2019: Queens Voted Dragon Express Chinese restaurant Best Chinese Restaurant!

Dragon Express Chinese restaurant

4236 235th St, Little Neck

In the mood for great takeout? Give Dragon Express in Flushing a call for some of the finest Chinese food you’ll find in Queens.

2018: Queens Voted Xi’an Famous Bowl Best Chinese Restaurant!

Xi’an Famous Bowl

41-10 Main Street, Flushing, NY 11355

Xi’an Famous Foods began as a 200 square foot basement stall in the Golden Shopping Mall in Flushing, N.Y. The original location, established in late 2005, was the first restaurant to bring the little-known cuisine of Xi’an to the United States, with signature hand-ripped noodles, secret spice mixes, and Xi’an “burgers” with housemade flatbread. Since then, we’ve expanded to nine locations in Manhattan, one in Brooklyn and two in Queens in total. As a family-owned business, we hope to reintroduce the world to the unique cuisine of our hometown: liangpi “cold skin” noodles, lamb pao mo soup, and wide hand-pulled “biang biang” noodles, all in its most authentic form.

2017: Queens Voted Little Dumpling Best Chinese Restaurant!

Little Dumpling
252-20 Northern Blvd, Little Neck. 718-225-1178
There’s nothing little about the dumplings at Little Dumpling. On the contrary, actually. This Taiwanese and Shanghainese restaurant in Little Neck is known for more than just its out-of-this-world soup dumplings, beef noodles and hot pots. The restaurant, known also for its quaint and cozy ambiance, is lauded as the best Chinese restaurant in the borough. Serving up traditional dim sum dishes like steamed pork soup buns and spring rolls, as well as delectable meat dishes like twice-cooked pork and fan-favorites like chicken and broccoli, Little Dumpling does it all. And they do it best.