There’s always room for dessert! And even if there isn’t, we’re sure there still is once you see the menu. Restaurants in Queens have been very creative with their dessert options over the past few years, but of course there’s nothing like a good slice of pie or cheesecake to finish off your meal. Maybe even slap on a scoop of ice cream to make it a la mode (and more fattening. Oh well). So if you do happen to have room for what’s probably the best part of any meal this year, then head over to the Best Dessert in Queens to stuff yourself full.

2021: Queens Voted Piccolo Sogno Best Dessert!

Piccolo Sogno
195-14 47th Ave, Flushing
(718) 224-1717 –

Restaurants and foodies alike know that no meal is complete without dessert. In fact, the sweeter and decadent, the better! Piccolo Sogno in Flushing offers traditional Italian dessert staples with a slight twist. In addition to cannolis, custards, chocolate soufflés and a chocolate moose, executive chef and owner Maurizio whips up a refreshing concoction of a limoncello and hazelnut gelato, both served on a champagne flute. Who says desserts can only be served on a plate? And of course, no dessert can be served without a side of coffee, espresso or cappuccino that’ll wake you up and enhance your taste buds. Piccolo Sogno is committed to providing the best dessert experience in Queens, and locals agree wholeheartedly.

2020: Queens Voted Spot Dessert Bar Best Dessert!

Spot Dessert Bar
39-16 Prince St, Flushing
(917) 285-2187 –

Since Spot Dessert Bar opened its first Queens location in Flushing in 2016 after achieving success with their various Manhattan locations, they have provided a never-before-seen dessert tapas menu to locals. Spot is the medium in which Chef Ian shares his global experiences through his confectionery creations. Whether it is a signature dish like the “Green Tea Lava,” “Golden Toast” or a seasonal creation such as “Mango Crepe Soufflé,” tasting each dish takes you to a different part of the world. Their footprint in the culinary industry has been big, and now, they have been crowned best dessert in the borough.

2019: Queens Voted Pesso’s Ices & Ice Cream Best Dessert!

Pesso’s Ices & Ice Cream
203-20 35th Ave, Bayside
718-224-9130 –

The Pesso family opened their dessert store in 2004, and they’ve been dishing up homemade ice creams, gelatos and Italian ices ever since. Boasting over 100 flavors, Pesso’s has been a long time winner of the Best of the Boro. Using real, fresh ingredients, Pesso’s offers the sweetest, most delicious desserts for all to enjoy. All of Pesso’s desserts are made in small, highly concentrated batches in house so the family can put all the care into their creations as possible. With a happy, friendly staff and the best desserts in Queens, you can’t go wrong with Pesso’s!

2018: Queens Voted Jagerhaus Gastropub & Biergarten Best Dessert!

Jagerhaus Gastropub & Biergarten



Jägerhaus Gastropub & Biergarten features a mouthwatering dessert menu, with items including a seasonal creme brulee, molten chocolate cake, a variety of specialty coffees, and German cheesecake. The restaurant is a collaborative effort that brings a contemporary twist to traditional German & Austrian cuisine.  Featuring only the best drafts and cuisine, Jägerhaus is a destination unlike any other.  Whether you choose to enjoy the complex flavors of a cold hefe-weizen in our traditional Bavarian biergarten, or the warmth of a smoked paprika goulash in our dining room, we urge you to let us transport you to the Alps of Europe.

2017: Queens Voted Martha’s Country Bakery Best Dessert!

Martha’s Country Bakery
36-21 Ditmars Blvd, Astoria, NY 11105/ (718) 545-9737

Martha’s has got you covered for anything your sweet tooth desires. They serve every item, whether it’s pies, cakes, cookies, cupcakes, cheesecake and more. Stop by for a cup of coffee or tea and enjoy any one of the amazing desserts they offer in a great atmosphere. No wonder they are the best of the boro!