Trapped in a room with 60 minutes to find your way out OR ELSE! This may sound scary but escape rooms are actually fun for the whole family! Find clues and solve puzzles to figure out your escape. Escape rooms force you to think outside the box while incorporating your awareness, alertness and teamwork skills to conquer the room! It’s a perfect place to spend a night with your friends or even a first date! Let’s now escape this paragraph and digress into the Best Escape Room in Queens!

2020: Queens Voted Challenge Escape Rooms Best Escape Room!

Challenge Escape Rooms
40-18 Bell Blvd, Bayside
(516) 888-0202 – 

Ready for a unique and interactive challenge? Become the wildest cowboy in the west or stumble upon an evil carnival with the rooms at Challenge Escape Rooms! With three room themes to choose from, you can come back multiple times and experience the same initial excitement. The process seems simple; you and your teammates will be locked in an immersive room and use hidden puzzles to discover your way out. The catch is, solving the puzzles is not always as easy as it seems! Each room has a difficulty level and room capacity limit, so you can pick and choose what works best for your group. Choose Challenge Escape Rooms for your next birthday party or Friday night outing.