When people don’t have fitness equipment at home, that’s when they seek out the services of a public gym. And there are a few factors involved with a great one: plenty of machines, fitness classes and lots of extras (oh, and a good price!). Sometimes it’s hard to find a gym that fits these criteria, but luckily for you, they do exist in Queens. Since we know your New Year’s resolution is to exercise more to lose a couple of pounds, sign up with the Best Gym in Queens to fast-track your way to that dream body.

2020: Queens Voted Vigorous Fitness Clubs Best Gym!

Vigorous Fitness Clubs
79-32 Metropolitan Ave, Middle Village
(718) 894-1271 – www.vigorousfitnessclubs.com

Vigorous Fitness Clubs in Middle Village offers carefully thought out training spaces for everyone from the novice weightlifter, working mom, Olympic lifter, experienced bodybuilder to the youth athlete. The club features equipment from Life Fitness, Hammer Strength & Cybex to help you with your workout. It is their duty to provide a safe and motivating atmosphere that challenges you and takes you to the next level of your fitness regimen. Vigorous Fitness Clubs values their members’ commitment to the establishment and strive to be a second home; a place where you can come to focus, destress, and socialize with peers who have similar goals in mind. 

2019: Queens Voted Vigorous Fitness Clubs Best Gym!

Vigorous Fitness Clubs 

79-32 Metropolitan Avenue, Middle Village
(718) 894-1271 – www.vigorousfitnessclubs.com

Carefully thought out training spaces for everyone from the novice weight lifter, working mom, olympic lifter, experienced bodybuilder, to even the youth athlete. Featuring equipment from Life Fitness, Hammer Strength & Cybex.

2018: Queens Voted Sage Exclusive Fitness Best Gym!

Sage Exclusive Fitness



Sage Exclusive Fitness’ facility offers a private and personalized setting to help reach all of your fitness and health goals. Our certified personal trainers are highly educated professionals who create unique and fun workouts to push your body to new limits. We use a wide variety of training functionalities including TRX, Kettlebells, Olympic Lifting, Cross-training, Bodybuilding, Pilates, Kickboxing, Golf Specific Training and more. Sage Exclusive Fitness is a premier personal training center, located on beautiful waterfront property in Whitestone, New York, catering to the areas of Whitestone, Bayside, Flushing, Little Neck and Douglaston.

2017: Queens Voted Push Fitness Club Best Gym!

Push Fitness Club
College Point, Fresh Meadows and New Hyde Park www.pushfitnessclub.com

Push Fitness club is where “fitness meets elegance.” With locations in Fresh Meadows, College Point and New Hyde Park, feeling like your best self is just a click away. The sleek and state-of-the-art studios – virtual tours of which can be seen on their website – will motivate you at first glance. Their professional staff and comfortable setting make for an outstanding gym environment.