School spirit is not something everyone can possess. It takes real pride, commitment and love for one’s education and surroundings to be able to embrace everything about a school — good or bad — and at the end of the day still root and cheer for all that it does. Whether it’s in the form of wearing school colors on a regular basis, decking out a car in stickers bearing the school’s name, or attending every single sports game, school spirit is important for any institution to have. Without further ado, we present to you the school demonstrating the Best High School Spirit in Queens.

2020: Queens Voted Maspeth High School Best High School Spirit!

Maspeth High School
54-40 74th St, Queens
(718) 803-7100 –

Opened in 2011, Maspeth High School has quickly grown into one of Queens’ most elite high schools. Their mission is to teach a classical liberal arts and sciences, college preparatory curriculum that will train students to become critical thinkers and life-long learners with strong character. They want their students to become leaders in all areas of their lives and be physically, emotionally and intellectually healthy. Their core values are truth, goodness and beauty. Maspeth High School offers courses in classical languages like Latin and Greek and encourages students to take four years of language classes. Maspeth High School also has 17 sports teams including basketball, soccer, lacrosse and more allowing them to display their high school spirit.