Holistic wellness is very important to those who seek to focus their lives on being as close to nature in all aspects of their lives. Whether it be through food, medicine, beauty or more, a holistic lifestyle means one that is as natural and organic as possible. And if you strive for that kind of life, then seek out the services of the place with the Best Holistic Wellness in Queens to get you started.

2020: Queens Voted Joan Stenzler LCSW, SEP: Holistic Psychotherapist, Body-Mind Wellness Specialist Best Holistic Wellness!

Joan Stenzler LCSW, SEP: Holistic Psychotherapist, Body-Mind Wellness Specialist
184-17 Union Tpke, Fresh Meadows
(516) 522-0573 – www.youramazingjourney.com

Joan Stenzler LCSW, SEP is a holistic psychotherapist and meditation teacher based in Fresh Meadows. Her work with her patients is a guided process of inner exploration that can help to strengthen your emotional health, enhance healing and facilitate profound change. It provides the context for a personal journey, cultivating deep listening and tapping into one’s own inner wisdom, abundance and peace. She integrates Mindfulness Based Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Yoga Psychology, a powerful paradigm that delineates aspects of human consciousness and change, and Wisdom drawn from Buddhism and Judaism to help explore the past while still being present in one’s life today. Her work helps you to become more present, awake and attuned in your life, learning to witness what is happening in a mindful way.

2019: Queens Voted Sacred Waters Best Holistic Wellness!

Sacred Waters

5-33 51st Avenue, Long Island City
718-752-1414 – www.sacredwaterslic.com

Sacred Waters is a Holistic Wellness Center focused on helping people live as their most authentic selves. They offer customized wellness services and intentionally selected retail items.