Getting in shape is no easy task, especially when it’s cold out. It takes a lot of will to get up, change into workout clothes, put on sneakers and either run outside or drive to the gym. The couch is just so comfy! And even if you do have the will to do at least that, where do you go from there? Some know where, but others don’t. If you’re one of the latter you might benefit from the help of a personal trainer, and luckily for you we’ve narrowed it down to the top ones in Queens. But only one can be named the Best Personal Trainer in Queens, and you should give them a call when you feel like shaping up.

2020: Queens Voted Workout Anywhere Best Personal Trainer!

Workout Anywhere
6 Polo Court, Woodbury
(516) 456-4438 –

Petros Arzoumanidis is dedicated to helping people reach their fitness goals through “Workout Anywhere,” helping to deliver the gym to people at a time and place that is convenient to them. Petros noticed that many people would find an excuse to avoid the gym, whether it was the time, cost or inconvenience. Petros began his career in Personal Training during college working for Equinox and later moving to the University of Pennsylvania. Today, he has a plethora of clients whose needs range from weight loss, weight gain, rehabilitation and marathon training. His clients enjoy his workouts not only because of the convenience of bringing the gym to them, but also because of Petros’ dedication in ensuring that every workout has been created for them and their needs.

2019: Queens Voted Beyond Movement Fitness Best Personal Trainer!

Beyond Movement Fitness

46-01 5th Street, Long Island City
(347) 612-4342 –

At Beyond Movement, the goal is to give you the tools to persevere on your journey towards a healthier state. Injuries, schedules and other obligations should not stand in the way of what you seek most out of your fitness routine: results. Beyond Movement offers workouts for every level of individual. They are open everyday with a class schedule that spans from early morning to late night. The only thing they cannot provide is drive. There is no substitute for hard work and perseverance. That comes from you. Beyond Movement will take care of the rest.

2018: Queens Voted The Fitness Detective Best Personal Trainer!

The Fitness Detective


If you are struggling to exercise, eat right, and practice healthy lifestyle habits THEY CAN HELP.  Their solutions based programming is specific to YOU and your individual needs. As your partners in fitness they take the guess work out of trying to find what works for you so you can reach your goals and have the results you deserve.

2017: Queens Voted The Fitness Detective Best Personal Trainer!

The Fitness Detective
1 Station Square #101, Forest Hills, NY 11375. (718) 261-3361

Solving fitness challenges with a team led by a retired detective with over 25 years of investigative experience, the professionals over at The Fitness Detective believe that the body is the foundation upon which people build their lives. The detailed and comprehensive coaching plans available at The Fitness Detective offer clients the opportunity to reach their fitness goals by building the right foundation, tailored to their individual needs. Affiliated with Results Fitness University, a consortium of fitness professionals changing the way fitness is done. Seen in USA Today, The Daily News, Ask a New Yorker, and The Woman’s Advantage.