2022: Queens Voted Whitestone Veterinary Care Best Pet Pharmacy!

Whitestone Veterinary Care
22-22 154th St., Whitestone
(718) 888-0400whitestonevetcare.com

If your pet is in need of medicine, Whitestone Veterinary Care is the place to go. The hospital carries different categories of medicine for your loveable dog, cat or other type of pet. Treatments for dogs and cats include medication for flea and tick issues, heartworm, dental care, hip and joint care, allergies, skin and coat supplements and other types of medications for diseases like cancer and diabetes. Pet owners who order online can save money when they choose the auto ship option for their pet’s medication. There are also individual deals available on the pharmacy website for different brands of medication.

2021: Queens Voted City View Pharmacy Best Pet Pharmacy!

City View Pharmacy
2307 Astoria Blvd, Astoria
(718) 545-2550 – ahfcityview.com

At AHF City View Pharmacy in Astoria, your prescriptions are in the best possible hands. As a not-for-profit pharmacy, AHF City View gives its patients personalized care that goes above and beyond your standard pharmacy. Its seasoned employees are always on hand to help explain the purposes of your new or existing prescriptions to help give you peace of mind. The pharmacy offers a 24/7 customer care line so you can call them with questions or to refill a prescription any day of the week. When you fulfill your pharmaceutical needs at AHF City View, you’re not just another patient to them, you are a part of its community!

2020: Queens Voted Wespaw Pets Pharmacy Best Pet Pharmacy!

Wespaw Pets Pharmacy
3715 23rd Ave , Astoria
(718) 406-9653 – www.wespawpetsrx.com/ 

Wespaw Pets Pharmacy in Astoria has quickly become the premier destination where your pet can get the medication it needs from the skilled veterinarians committed to making them feel better. They understand that parents have a busy life and have a lot of things to remember every single day, and sometimes they forget to call the pharmacy for their pet’s medication. With the option of enrolling you on an automatic refill reminder and its quick delivery service, your furry friend will no longer have to go without its medicine. Their dedication to answering questions regarding pet medicine, fantastic customer service and affordability is why more and more pet parents are shopping at Wespaw.