The Web was once the future, but now it’s the present. Not only can you connect with people 24/7, but you can shop, stream movies and television shows, and create a successful online business. There truly is no service you can’t access via the Internet. Not bad, huh? Here are the Best Website Based Businesses in Queens!

2021: Queens Voted The Kidney Coalition of NYC Best Website Based Business!

The Kidney Coalition of NYC
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Many businesses and nonprofits know that maintaining a web presence is paramount in this day in age, but no one has it mastered quite like the Kidney Coalition of NYC. The goal of the Kidney Coalition of NYC is to give financial assistance to kidney patients in need and donors, as well as provide a variety of events for patients, donors, their families and the community, all of which is handled by volunteers completely online. It leads a number of fundraising opportunities for grants, operating expenses and programs online, which allows them to expand the nonprofit’s reach much further than those without a solid web presence.