Sacred Heart Catholic Academy I 2021 Winner

Being voted Bethpage Best of the Boro has had an unimaginable effect on our program and community. The small community of Flushing is truly an incredible one. Some call it the melting pot of Queens. It is a place where everyone comes together, is accepted and works constructively to build each other up. Having not only the immediate communities’ votes but also those in other towns has given us the ability to build fiercely the school community that we have. Having the option to read about different programs and see which have come in at most valued, is a tremendous help for guardians and a tremendous honor for us. I believe that what you are doing as a company is invaluable!

The Church on the Hill – Community Nursery | 2020 Winner

I recently received a call from a Queens business with 10 employees that found me on Google Business originally. I always ask, ‘where did you hear about us?’ and her reply was: ‘I always double-check testimonials starting with Google, then I check the Queens Bethpage Best of the Boro list to see if the business was nominated and/or a winner in that category. When I saw your agency and you won The Queens BOB as the best insurance agent and financial advisor, I immediately called you. I knew you would be my best option for life and group health insurance for my firm and I’m very happy with my decision!’ Thanks to the Queens Best of the Boro!!!

Intelisano & Associates, Inc. | 2020 Winner

I am so privileged to have been voted for Bethpage Best of the Boro (Laser Hair Removal Center) for 2019 and again in 2020. In 2019 when we won, our clients came in, saw the plaque on our wall and congratulated us. It was a conversation starter for everyone when they walked into the doors. I was able to congratulate them back because they are a part of our company’s achievement. This year, with the physical location being closed for most of the year, I was unable to have that same type of interaction. However, holding the title as the Best Laser Center in Queens has helped us create a new way for us to interact and “stay alive”, happy and well. The Bethpage Best of the Boro award along with social media became the introduction of The Laser Place for many new clients. One of my first posts on social media after COVID-19 forced us all to close our doors, was the Best of the Boro plaque that The Laser Place received. It not only became an online conversation starter for current clients, but it helped me remember how much I love doing what I do and helping people achieve their smooth skin. Conversation would go from “”congratulations”” to “”by the way I haven’t shaved in months”” to “”I love you guys””. It made me remember why I got into the business of hair removal. It brought back the happiness even at one of the darkest times. So thank you to our amazing clients who voted for us and helped The Laser Place become Bethpage Best of the Boro’s Best Laser Center in Queens for the past 2 years!

The Laser Place | 2020 Winner

It’s always an honor to win Bethpage Best of the Boro. During these hard times, having this title helped us earn the trust from all the members of the community that have joined our free online martial arts classes and showed their support. We always work harder to maintain our reputation, improve in all that we can and to hopefully win Best of the Boro again. Thank you!

Ultimate Champions Taekwondo Flushing | 2020 Winner

It has been a special honor for our office, Amorelli Realty, to have been named the Bethpage Best of the Boro of Queens for the last 4 years. In an ever changing world coming out of a 3 month quarantine period, our office will resume providing the best service and safest environment for our staff and clients. We look forward to continuing to provide a positive atmosphere and a unique marketing plan so our office can continue to be the Best of the Boro.

Amorelli Realty | 2020 Winner

What a thrill to have been a 2020 Bethpage Best of the Boro winner. After the guide came out and it went online we had numerous calls to reserve our restaurant for future party celebrations and to visit us for our delicious food. Since the pandemic we have even more to be grateful for as the Best of the Boro team has promoted our take-out and delivery service on social media. We are so happy seeing our patrons once again and also new customers that we have just met and are now regulars. Thank you Queens for Voting us #1 Best Wedding Rehearsal Dinner Venue! Visit us soon for outdoor dining – look for our Best of the Boro winner’s banner as you drive by!

Galo Tavern 18 | 2020 Winner

I was extremely honored to be awarded the Winner of the Bethpage Best of the Boro 2020 contest as Best Photography Studio. It was a memorable experience that I will cherish forever. My clients have been overly supportive and none of this would be possible without them! I can’t wait to see what 2021 holds for Captured Memories Photography.

Captured Memories by Janelle | 2020 Winner

Winning the Bethpage Best of the Boro Award allowed people to learn about my practice who might not have heard about it before. It also confirmed to our existing patients that they were receiving the “Best of the Boro” in terms of excellent state of the art dermatology care.

Dr. Jordan Zuckerman – The Dermatology Center | 2020 Winner

Winning four years in a row for Best Wedding Cakes is an award I am really proud of, because it’s the People’s Contest. I love and support Queens! And I am very happy to be a part of the Bethpage Best of the Boro family, and I cannot wait to be a part of your celebrations again soon!

Denise Makes Cakes | 2020 Winner

When I learned that we won Bethpage Best of the Boro in the Fusion and Gluten Free categories I felt such satisfaction. Our cuisine pops because of the layers of flavor we create. My inspiration is found in Asia, Latin America, North Africa, the Middle East, Europe, the United Kingdom, and of course the indigenous bush foods of Australia. The Gluten Free win is especially satisfying since I am unable to eat gluten. Our success proves that you don’t need it in order to create award winning food. Thank you all for supporting us.

The Thirsty Koala | 2020 Winner

Hi, I’m Jean. I am the owner of The Dance Project of Whitestone. As a multi-category winner in the Bethpage Best of the Boro contest over the past few years I could not be more pleased. Winning for Best Children’s Dance School, Best Camp & Best Summer Program has really put me on the map and has done wonders for my school.

The Dance Project of Whitestone | 2020 Winner

Winning several Bethpage Best of the Boro Awards over the last several years has been amazing. It is great to know that our customers are loving what we are offering them.

Tequila Sunrise | 2020 Winner

We at A Real Advantage take extreme pride in our craftsmanship and our relationship with our community.  It is an honor to be recognized by the Bethpage Best of the Boro for the last 4 consecutive years as Queens Best Roofing company, siding company, and contractor.  This award is greatly appreciated by our company, but more importantly it helps our potential customers find peace of mind in choosing to work with us.  We have had a number of new customers inform us that when it came time to make a choice over several estimates the Best Of the Boro award helped differentiate our company from the competition. Big thank you to everyone that helps run the Best of the Boro competition and to all our satisfied customers for voting for us!!!

A Real Advantage | 2020 Winner

Winning Bethpage Best of the Boro is your customers grading your job performance and saying you did a great job. It speaks volumes about your business and definitely helps when customers see the huge banner in the window. As business owners we work really hard and it is not often we are recognized for the work and time we put in .Winning Bethpage Best of the Boro is just that!!

Gemelli Jewelers | 2020 Winner

We are the Healthy Eatery winner for Bethpage Best Of the Boro in all of Queens, your one stop for foods that make you feel good. By winning people were reassured that we were a great place to eat. With our banner in front of our location we are proud to help the community and they love our restaurant.

Health Kitchen | 2020 Winner

Being voted best Irish bar is such an honor! Since our win, we have met many new lovely faces and we can’t wait to get back to serving you all again! We are currently open 7 days a week doing take out and delivery and will be open for outdoor seating as soon as we get the green light! We are an eclectic bar & kitchen, Fast casual meets high end artisanal with 14 revolving draft lines dedicated to local brews. Come stop by, our friendly staff wants to know your name!

Bantry Bay Publick House | 2020 Winner

Thanks to being a winner in the Bethpage Best of Boro contest 2 years in a row we have gotten much additional help promoting our business at this time. We truly thank our amazing loyal customers that have been supporting us for over 50 years! We cannot wait to offer dine-in again! See you all soon!

Cara Mia | 2020 Winner

What winning Bethpage Best of the Boro has meant to us at Whiskers Holistic Petcare in Astoria Queens is something easy to put into words. When people acknowledge you as the BEST OF anything, you main a sense of pride and happiness that what you do everyday makes a difference. Where we are located in Astoria, Queens is a bit off the beaten path so when people were given the chance to vote for their favorite and we WON it was validation that we are doing the right things. Winning has afforded us an opportunity to tell more people who we are, where we are, and what we do so THANKS Best of The Boro for giving the people a chance to voice their favorites and for giving us an opportunity to celebrate with them.

Whiskers Holistic Petcare | 2020 Winner

Being voted best of the borough has boosted morale in the store, we are all very excited to know that our hard work and positive vibes have not gone unnoticed. A lot of small businesses in big cities will go unnoticed by the majority of the population, having exposure from all angles helps shine light on all the little people Who are staying up late seven days a week and still pushing positive vibes out into the world and working really hard to make the city a better place. Bicycles over all are one of the most positive things I can think of; bicycling is in fact exercising which improves attitude, state of mind, reduces air pollution, reduces congestion in the city and motivates families to Do outdoor activities together. There is an endless list of positive reasons why small businesses should have a bright light shining on them so thank you Bethpage best of the borough for helping us and Thank you New York for voting for us.

Bikelane Bicycle Store| 2020 Winner