2019: Queens Voted Kurry Qulture Best Indian Restaurant!

Kurry Qulture

3605 30th Ave, Astoria
718-674-1212 – kurryqulture.com

Enjoy a blend of Indian and local produce at the best Indian restaurant in Queens. Kurry Qulture is a seasonal restaurant that serves up authentic dishes that line up perfectly with the weather outside. They cook much of their food in a tandoor oven or clay oven, a traditional staple in household kitchens across the Indian subcontinent. This gives their bread and meat a distinct flavor and helps contribute to the overall authentic experience. Customers love the warm, cozy atmosphere, perfect for an intimate dinner or a social event. Kurry Qulture has a full service bar and offers dine in, delivery and catering. The staff is friendly and known for their great customer service.

2018: Queens Voted Agra Indian Restaurant Best Indian Restaurant!

Agra Indian Restaurant

213-35 39th Ave., Bayside, New York

Agra Indian Restaurant of Bayside

A modern and authentic Indian restaurant serving signature entrees like Chiken Tikka Masala and Lamb Rogan Josh as well as Muglai Style Biryami, Fresh Indian Breads, and Clay Oven Specials. Agra does takeout. ned and operated by the Manetta family.

2017: Queens Voted Kurry Qulture Best Indian Restaurant!

Kurry Qulture
36-05 30th Ave., Astoria, NY 11103. 718-674-1212
A seasonal Indian restaurant at home in the heart of Astoria, Kurry Qulture truly transports its patrons to another place. Its menu – complete with traditional and modernized Indian fare and an extensive cocktail list to match – blends fresh Indian and local produce within the confines of its chic, modern space. Kurry Qulture brings to Queens the nostalgia of the “tandoor oven,” or the clay oven, which is a traditional staple in household kitchens across the Indian subcontinent. Kurry Qulture’s tandoor oven delivers unparalleled flavor in breads and meats, refining the culinary experience of “authentic” Indian cuisine. Plus, it does brunch. What more could you ask for from an unbeatable Queens eatery? Its authenticity and critically-acclaimed ambiance make it a clear cut winner for best Indian restaurant in the borough.